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Who said it had to be hard to find a good digital agency?

The KLG is a multi-platform media company with a focus on premium products and compelling content. We specialize in interactive consultancy, building amazing websites, mobile applications, audio, digital and print that appeal to a global audience whilst offering a variety of solutions including Mobility Strategy, Branding, Marketing, UX, Multi-channel eCommerce, Big Data Analytics, Managed services, Security solutions, Infrastructure Services and more.

Satisfied clients are what we like to see, that’s why our team of experts work hard to provide amazing service and cost effective solutions to help you grow your business.

On top of that, not only do we create awesome content and operate multiple media platforms including our own brands with direct consumer impact, we also offer a vast range of targeted business opportunities for partnerships with other companies, media partners and affiliates. These include content distribution and licensing, brand partnerships, and advertising in our media.

Grow Your Business

Our core will build your bottom line.


We can create a comprehensive strategic vision for your brand’s story. We’re built with strategy services – across business, brand, experience, channel and technology.

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The right infrastructure at the right time delivering more content across more channels with more flexibility. That’s what today’s always-on world demands.

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Our philosophy, culture and operational model allow us to create stories that are never-ending for an always-on world to ignite conversations.

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Translating real-life experiences of consumers into  unique concepts, content and measurements to understand consumer behavior.

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The KLG enables

businesses to grow exponentially on a global scale. Our end-to-end portfolio offers you the expertise and solutions to transform your business. There is no cutting corners as we seek and find inspiration where others see failure by utilizing sleek, forward-thinking practices in our execution of strategic plans.

We believe great work is born through empowered people that dare to push boundaries, challenge the status quo to think differently, more openly and towards ingenious solutions.

Step by step we’ll change the world.

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Our Blog

We don’t just create amazing, we love discussing things too! From technology and business trends, to WordPress and hosting, we cover it all in this geeky corner of the web.


In this always-on world, we believe brands need to tell their stories at that moment, all at once, ride the right wave and make a lasting impact on their consumers.
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We have offices in Barcelona and Vienna with a team around the globe.

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